What's In Your Box? is an online shop backed by a social movement for women's sexual health.

We're on a mission to (ful)fill your box

From sex toys and pleasure products, to pH balancing remedies and seasonal solutions, empowering feminine accessories and self-care essentials, WIYB delivers vagina-friendly items in a fun, informative way.

Beyond the box

We're normalizing the conversation around female sexuality to empower all women to explore their bodies freely without shame.

  • The best way to beat your #MondayBlues is cuming home to #WIYB 😉 Link in bio to shop 💦 (pic by #boxbabe @themaximista)
  • One more time louder for the ladies in the back 📣📣📣 (@gigiengle)
  • Double tap if you’ve felt personally victimized by ingrown hairs 🙋🏽‍♀️ Did you know that less shaving combined with dryer skin in colder weather makes you more prone to ingrowns? Keep those pesty fuckers away with @gorgeousglobody soothing hydration serum, included in our Beat The Heat Box (swipe left). Link in bio to shop 💖
art by @cecile.dormeau
  • We get it—politics can feel like a never-ending headache🤦🏽‍♀️, but the issues that we hear about affect all of us. They affect our reproductive health and access to birth control, the rights of our LGBTQ friends, the safety and security of our immigrant neighbors, the cities that we live in, and the list goes on. Decide what issues matter to you and let those drive your #vote! DM us a selfie with your “I voted” sticker and we’ll dm you a discount code to our online shop. 
Let’s do this thing 👊🏽🗳
  • Rise and shine 🌟 #SelfLoveSaturday via @ez.naive.art


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