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  • It’s that time again—and it’s #WorldEmojiDay. Drop your go-to emojis for sweating your tits off in this #heatwave in the comments👇🏽
  • Boring #selfcare deserves a spot on the to-do list. Don’t let the heat of summer stop you from making it to your local clinic, GP, or OBGYN ✔️📆 (@makedaisychains)
  • When that weekend reminder hits ⏰💦 (@clubsexu via @thehoeandthehopeless)
  • Let’s take a moment to talk about pussy perspiration 🗣 Vulvas SWEAT in the summertime, so it’s normal to get a whiff of a little stank every now and then. You can wash your cooch with just water to refresh, or for some extra TLC, you can use @GoodCleanLove Balance—a pH-balanced botanical wash to help cleanse and eliminate odor. Try some when you BYOB: Build Your Own Box, or cop your samples with our Wet Hot #WIYB Summer delivery. #linkinbio to shop 💖
  • It’s called tidying up 💁🏽‍♀️ (@giottocalendoli via @psychedelalune)


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