What's In Your Box? is a curated delivery service backed by a social movement for women's sexual health.

We're on a mission to (ful)fill your box

From sex toys and pleasure products, to pH balancing remedies and seasonal solutions, empowering feminine accessories and self-care essentials, WIYB delivers vagina-friendly items in a fun, informative way.

Beyond the box

Through candid conversation and peer education, we're empowering all women to explore their bodies freely without shame.

  • To all the #LGBTQ hunnies and allies, wear your #pride 🌈✨ For every #WIYB order today thru the 30th, we’ll include a free pride pin in your box, and donate $1 to Project Birthday—an organization giving homeless LGBTQ youth the chance to celebrate their birthday 🎂🎈
  • The unexpected return of your #period is never predictable and ALWAYS alarming. Protect yourself from this sneak attack by carrying a pair of Cheeki undies in your bag. Clean, ready-to-wear, and much cuter than a crumpled up piece of toilet paper to get you through 😉 Available as a “self-care staple” when you BYOB: Build Your Own Box. Link in bio to get started 💕
  • “WIYB has made me so aware and excited about my #vaginalhealth. Because of WIYB, I feel more confident masturbating and trying new things with my partner.” - M 💕 Care for your cooch with curated deliveries for your body and pleasure at the link in bio. 📸 @badgalhowie #WIYB
  • The only kind of #proposal we’re accepting tonight 💍 (@alvarocastrodesign)
  • Tag your mans ... and their moms 👏🏽 (@jameelajamilofficial @makerswomen) #equalpleasure #consentissexy


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