What's In Your Box? is a curated delivery service backed by a social movement for women's sexual health.

We're on a mission to (ful)fill your box

From sex toys and pleasure products, to pH balancing remedies and seasonal solutions, empowering feminine accessories and self-care essentials, WIYB delivers vagina-friendly items in a fun, informative way.

Beyond the box

Through candid conversation and peer education, we're empowering all women to explore their bodies freely without shame.

  • Our kind of of travel essentials 🥰 From left to right: 1) holographic sweat-proof pasties for that sexy strapless dress you can finally wear 2) Moregasm Mist aromatherapy sheet spray to keep your bed a haven in the heat 3) icy cool nipple balm to tingle and tantalize while you and your partner are kissing all over 4) buzzing & cooling arousal gel to make your pussy pulse 5) silver kino chain that can be kept in the freezer and taken out for an icy hot effect during foreplay 6) V Magic vulva cream to nourish your vulva after a day in the heat. Get all these goodies when you Build Your Own Box at the link bio, and stay cool out there, babes 💦 #MDW #WIYB
  • Disabled bodies can be sexual bodies too 💕(@themightysite)
#disabledandcute #sexualhealth #representationmatters
  • Spring cleaning ✨🧹 (@cecile_hoodie)
  • If you won’t let a lil body hair stop you from getting laid, double tap 💦 (@gay_girl_inc)
  • That’s the motto 💯 Customize your own #WIYB for #WomensHealthWeek at the link in bio. 📸 @bulletin.co


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