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  • Bloody condom aside👀, period sex can be OH-so worth it. There’s no shame in getting down during that time of the month—orgasms can alleviate your cramps and even help with PMS. Link in bio to learn more about the benefits in our latest blog post, “The Mysteries of Menstruation”. 🎨 @thecheekyblog
  • The #WIYB zipper pouch was made for you to carry around your play things, tampons, condoms, lube, and any other handy items you can’t live without...cause ya never know til ya know! (@morgana.takes.savannah)
  • The unexpected return: those times when you think you’re in the clear and then suddenly you’re out and about tampon-less in a thong when BAM, your period strikes back. Link in bio to learn how to handle this sneak attack🤺 and other #periodproblems in our latest blog post, “The Mysteries of Menstruation”. 🎨 @thecheekyblog
  • Sometimes, we even love it. Other times, it brings up our insecurities. But *every* time, it’s our choice. Neither stigma or shame can take away a girl’s sexual autonomy💃🏽🚨❤️💋💄🍒 (@missgloriadesign)
  • From period sex to period poops, the ✨mysteries of menstruation✨ never fail to surprise us. That’s why we partnered with @thecheekyblog to bring you a period-filled collab covering the blessings, and curses, of that special time of the month. Link in bio to read the latest on #SexFeelsFeminism❣️


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