How we came about

What’s In Your Box? exists to empower women everywhere to get in touch with their sexuality–mind, body, and spirit. We are a company started by women, for anyone who identifies as a woman, to convene in open and inclusive conversation that inspires confidence in the bedroom and beyond. Our purpose is to inform a world where women can explore their bodies and revel in experiences free of stereotypes, stigma, and most importantly, shame.

In addition to being an online resource, we’re here to help you care for your cooch in your everyday life, too. That’s why we curate a monthly subscription box providing handpicked products for your body and your pleasure. By sifting through the clutter of what’s on the market for women’s sexual health, WIYB does the work for you and delivers #BoxApproved items in a fun, informative way.

Let’s get personal.

Help us fill your box.