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10 Totally Different Normal Things About Every Woman’s Body


The internet is a fairly new concept. To be exact, it’s 25 years old this year. When I was younger, I had … questions … and there was no magical all knowing, non-judgmental person or thing I could go to with these questions. When you’re going through puberty, things literally start growing and expanding and when these new additions don’t look exactly like what you see in movies, magazines or on TV, you instantly freak out, dive inside your shell and automatically think, “Yup, the problem is me.”

All women have different bodies – plain and simple. We’re not made of plastic, we’re humans and as humans we tend to do these natural things like sweat and grow hair and excrete things out of our vaginas (gasp!). In order to save you from a few unnecessary headaches, here are some pretty simple, interesting facts that every woman should know about the female body:

1. Labia Size and Shape
All different, all functioning, all good. Some labia are thicker, some drop down a bit, some are thin, some are tucked, some are folded, some are darker, some are lighter. We don’t have mass produced Barbie Doll crotches, we’ve got the real thing and it comes with the real benefits if you know what I mean.

2. Discharge
Discharge is a blessing. You know how they say pain is our body’s way of telling us something is wrong? Same concept. The color of our discharge can tell us whether or not we’re all good in the hood. Yellows and greens means call a doctor. Clear is always ok. White can vary – if it’s creamy before your period, that’s normal, but if it’s clumpy or oddly smelling, not so normal. Listen to and trust your body, and if you feel like something is off, ask your doctor.

3. Razor Burn
We’ve all had friends say they can’t go to the beach or in the water because they’re self-conscious about their razor burn bumps. Razor burn does suck, but it’s definitely not something you should miss having fun for. Try a new shaving cream, adjusting the water temperature, maybe waxing, but if not, all those razor burn bumps are saying is, “Hi, I normally have hair here and this is a sensitive area.” That’s not so bad, is it?

4. Boob & Nipple Shape & Size
Dark, light, round, oval, big, small, pointy, straight on, pointing out, whatever. Boobs and nipples are like fingerprints in that none are exactly alike. The two you have may not even be exactly alike! Either way – love them, appreciate them, shake them, support them (bra optional).

5. Period Stains
We sleep horizontally, not like bats. A little liquid is bound to (by gravity) sneak into our underwear. We get it, there’s nothing glorious about it, but just know that this too is a normal occurrence and nothing to be ashamed of. Unfortunately, it does require us to budget a little extra money for new underwear but hey, you get to keep the stained ones as designated period underwear! #Score

6. Masturbation
Women can climax in multiple ways and multiple times while having sex or masturbating. We are sexual beings. It’s not for everyone and that’s cool, but if you’re curious to try, there are a ton of safe and fun ways to masturbate (just ask What’s In Your Box!) It may feel awkward at first getting intimate with yourself in a new way, but it’s perfectly normal and healthy to explore your body and its sensations and not feel weird about it.

7. Hair, period
A lot of times the media portrays us to be this perfectly shaved hairless being. Maybe you know this already, or maybe you don’t, but be informed that it is normal to have hair anywhere that it grows on your body. Pretty logical, no? Whether or not you shave is your choice, but just make sure it’s your choice – meaning you do it for yourself, not because you feel like you have to. Big difference.

8. Bloating
Do you like pears? Us too. Your uterus is usually around that size normally. When you get your period that size can increase by 30%. Its cause is water retention and there are a ton of home remedies to help, like fennel tea, water with lemon, cutting out salt, etc. Find what works for you and proudly, shamelessly rock sweatpants that week .

9. Cellulite
Some girls have it, some don’t, but guess what – most do! It’s common and normal to have cellulite. Why can dimples on our face be cute but not on our ass and thighs? Cellulite, like widening hips, growing breasts and stretch marks is a natural part of being a woman. It always comes back to confidence and how you feel inside your body, because how you feel on the inside will radiate far beyond how you appear on the outside.

10. Clitoris & Labia Swelling
When you’re turned on or being pleasured, you might notice that the makings of your vulva get a bit larger than usual. It’s sort of like a girl boner caused by a rush of blood to your crotch. Labia and clit swelling is a natural part of being aroused. It can also cause you to become more sensitive, so if you feel inclined to tell your partner to go softer, don’t hold back from doing so.

You got this.


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