Why was WIYB founded?

To empower women to have safe and satisfying sex while eliminating shame around female sexuality. Oftentimes women are unsure of their options, or too busy or embarrassed to ask questions or buy products that can help them achieve a better sex life. That's where we come in.

How is WIYB looking to make long-lasting change?

Orgasms - lots of orgasms, and decreasing STI rates while we're at it. Gone are the days of keeping quiet, both in and outside of the bedroom. We’re here to level the sexual playing field, provide women with the tools to have great sex and the platform to talk about it.

Why is talking to women about sex so important to WIYB?

Because open communication is everything. We want women to be informed about their bodies so they can have pleasurable sex, have a positive body image, know how to prevent STIs and other infections, or take care of them if need be, know what amounts to consent - and what doesn't. Being informed means being empowered, and empowering women is our priority.

Is WIYB for single women?

WIYB is for every woman! Regardless of age, gender, relationship status, sexual orientation or experience - your pleasure is our purpose. Whether you're looking to spice things up with a partner or explore your body solo, WIYB is ready and willing to equip with products & information.

What kind of items can I expect to find in the WIYB subscription box?

Anything and everything that falls under the umbrella of women's health, sexual health, pleasure and hygiene - condoms, vibrators, sex toys, kegal balls, lingerie, oils, balms, lubricants, probiotic pills, freshening wipes, feminine soaps, sensual accessories, items for foreplay and roleplay... and the list goes on. We'll try anything once.

How are the brands selected for the WIYB subscription box?

Our box is only as epic as the brands you'll find inside, which is why we're choosing to work with those whose mission is inline with ours: to empower women to be confident, shameless and satisfied - always.

How are the products selected for the WIYB subscription box?

With countless products online and on the shelves, it's easy to lose sight of ones that are truly pleasurable for women with ingredients that are safe for their bodies. That’s why each product we sample will be #BoxApproved for your benefit.

Does WIYB give back?

WIYB provides all women with a judgement-free zone to participate in the conversation, ask questions and seek advice. Beginning in 2017, we proudly plan to partner with student health and reproductive health organizations on several sexual health initiatives.

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