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F*CK LUCK: These Women Create Their Own

In honor of Women’s History Month (or Herstory Month, if you want to get Leslie Knope on it, which I suggest you do), I’m here to talk about an undeniable fact: women are badass. We’ve been badass, and badass we’ll remain. Across the board, across time, and across the globe we’ve been given the short ends of so many sticks. We’re taught to repress our sexuality, to apologize, to stay quiet, to only take certain jobs, to take no jobs at all, to put our needs last. But we’re having a moment, y’all. The future is most definitely female (and intersectional), but so is right now. Forget Women’s History Month, this is our year.

While this is a collective effort that we’re all a part of, there’s some shout-outs that need to happen. Here’s a list of just a few of the women who are making history, who are saying f*ck luck and making their own instead, and who are trailblazers to pay attention to:

1. Tylea Richard (@thundressme)
Tylea is the Founder of Thundress, a company that creates undies that are meant to PROTECT YA PUSS. Since launching a successful Kickstarter in 2015, Tylea and the Thundress team have been on a mission to make vagina-friendly underwear and socially-conscience gear (t-shirts, pins, basically all the swag). Thundress launched a 30 Day New Pussy Challenge in January of this year that focused on vaginal health, wellness and empowerment, which, ya know, are just a few of our favorite things. The cherry on top? Thundress donates 5% of all sales to the testing of backlogged rape kits through the organization End the Backlog. To get yourself a dope pair of vag-friendly underwear while supporting a great cause and badass Founder, make sure you check them out.

2. CupcakKe (@cupcakkeafreakk)

Speaking from personal experience: I went to a CupcakKe show earlier this month in NYC and I have not been that inspired in a long time. If you don’t know CupcakKe (born Elizabeth Eden Harris) yet, it’s time you do. She’s a 20-year-old rapper from Chicago who is a sex-positive and self-love pioneer. There was legit a moment at her show when we all made a collective orgasm sound together—that’s the kind of performer she is. I was moved. To see a self-made female artist on stage who’s that comfortable being explicit in loving her vagina, loving sex, and giving absolutely no f*cks about societal norms around how women are supposed to behave…it gave me the chills. Plus, she’s an outspoken LGBTQ ally with lyrics like, “Boy on boy, girl on girl/Like who the fuck you like, fuck the world.”

3. Emma Gonzalez (@Emma4Change)
On Valentine’s Day this year, Emma was there when 17 of her classmates and friends were gunned down in her high school. School shootings have become so normalized that it’s likely this tragic day would have gone down in history as just another avoidable statistic had it not been for a coalition of students who stood up, spoke out, and rocked our nation. Emma is one of these students, and delivered a powerful speech on gun control after the shooting. Despite being bullied by grown-ass men, Emma is not slowing down and, along with other students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, is changing the course of history. As a millennial, Emma’s strength and outspoken voice have already taught me so much about what Gen Z is capable of. Oh, and she’s also the President of the Gay Straight Alliance at her school, so Emma is clearly destined for great things (legit hoping she’ll be our president one day, just saying).

4. Polly Rodriguez and Lidia Bonilla (@thewomenofsextech)
Polly and Lidia are, without a doubt, two women to watch for. These badass babes saw a serious issue in the sex tech industry (namely, that as women, they weren’t being taking seriously as entrepreneurs, which was hurting their businesses and their missions) and instead of waiting to get lucky, they took matters into their own hands. They started a small group of like-minded women (that WIYB Founder, Christine Long, is a part of!) who were facing challenges and founded Women of Sex Tech. As stated on their website, “Today, The Women of Sex Tech represent artists, creators, entrepreneurs, journalists, educators, innovators, and engineers in over six cities globally. Collectively, they generate millions in revenue and have secured funding from some of the top tier venture capital funds in the world.” Polly is the Founder of Unbound and Lidia is the woman behind House of Plume—two companies you should definitely check out if you’re a babe who appreciates other babes normalizing the idea of women’s pleasure.

5. Danica Roem (@pwcdanica)
2017 felt like a hopeless year at times, but we also had some victories that were next-level inspiring. When I think of women making history, it’s impossible not to mention Danica Roem. Danica ran as a Democrat in the 2017 election for the 13th District of the Virginia House of Delegates against Republican incumbent Bob Marshall, a dude who openly hates gay people, thinks that women shouldn’t have access to birth control or abortions, and who referred to Danica with male pronouns throughout the entire race (yeah, he’s basically the worst). Then, when the closely-watched election results started rolling in, Danica brought hope to decent people across America and kicked ass. Danica is now the first openly transgender woman seated in any state legislature in the country, and we love her for it.

Is there a woman who stands out to you? An artist, activist, entrepreneur, your mom? If so, shoot us a brief pitch at hello@whatsinyour-box.com for the chance to be featured on our blog as a #GalGetter!

Until next time, keep making HERstory.


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