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#GalGetter Elena of The Yoni Empire

#GalGetter is an original blog series celebrating empowered SHE-E-O’S doing boss things.

1. Tell me about what inspired you to start The Yoni Empire and your journey to owning your sexuality.

I have always been sexually curious and adventurous as far as I can remember. Since I come from a conservative family, I was too ashamed to admit to my parents that I wanted to study sexuality at the university. Instead, I graduated with a double degree in Psychology & Entrepreneurship, which led me to become a food concept and restaurant designer for the time being.

Life has a tricky way of constantly pushing you in the right direction, though, and kicking you in the butt at times if you resist. When I was 21, I was in a relationship with a guy and due to the rough sex we were having, I ended up with chronic pussy pain called vaginism. I spent the next seven years trying to fix this problem. No doctor was able to help me, often telling me that my pain was imaginary since there were no visible symptoms. However, any type of penetration felt like razor blades inside me. After five years of useless therapies and wasted money, I took matters into my own hands and read, studied, and explored every sexuality, tantra, and self-love book available. I healed my chronic pain and began sharing about it on Instagram.

We all carry dark secrets and shame around our sexuality so to write openly about my pussy pain on the internet was a shock to many. Women began to follow me. The more I shared what I knew, how I healed, and the new kind of sex I was having, the more positive feedback I received. It was then that I could no longer ignore the fact that I was meant to do what I do now—to share my knowledge about conscious sexuality.

These days, I am an apprentice of one of the top sexuality coaches in the world and I’ve launched Onna Lifestyle, a brand focused on slow pleasure. I am supporting women through their sexual trauma with pussy massages, sexual self-care practices, and information. I write about it all on @they_yoni_empire. I feel fully aligned with what I do and my heart is bursting with happiness. I am one of those Wounded Healer archetypes who had to experience extreme pain and overcome it to fully understand and embody pleasure.

2. Our motto is to be informed, empowered and shameless. What is one thing you do daily that keeps you feeling confident?

I gift myself pleasure in all of its forms, whether that be self-pleasuring practices, self-massages, delicious food or coffee, time spent with loved ones, moments of solitude, or visually pleasing aesthetics. I also keep myself busy with work, deadlines, errands, sports, and fun. When you are busy living your fullest life, you don’t have time to feel low. Recently, I started a Pleasure Series on @the_yoni_empire Insta stories. I film little moments of pleasure in my life to remind girls and women that pleasure is everywhere, we just need to open our eyes and hearts to feel it. Doing this keeps me grounded and grateful every single day.

3. What is your Dream Threesome? 

Coffee, joints, and my lover, spending all day in a king-sized bed with occasional trips to the fridge for snacks and hydration.

4. Body positivity is such a struggle with today’s youth. What is one thing you love about your body and why?

There is this wonderful thing that happens to women when we enter our 30’s, where we stop giving as many fucks and start to learn to actually appreciate our bodies. You realize that obsessing over your body is a waste of time. Finding a practice that keeps you IN your body and connected to it is life-changing. This can be anything from practicing yoga, going to the gym, swimming, dancing, even fucking. I wish I hadn’t spent my 20’s hating my body so much. We only get one so we might as well make the best use of it.

My advice to younger girls is to concentrate on the parts of your body that you DO LOVE. Personally, I love my small breasts and how sexy I look when I don’t wear a bra, I adore my dimples which everyone notices when I smile, I love all the awesome hairstyles which I’ve had over the years, the softness of my belly, and sensitivity of my neck. We are all so busy comparing our looks to others that we forget the FEELINGS that our body gifts us—the orgasms, shivers, hickeys, delicious muscle stretches, and more. For me, body positivity is not about loving my cellulite or stretch marks. It is about appreciating all the gifts that it shares with me regardless.

5. We’re always looking for new products, toys and tips to keep our subscribers safe and satisfied. What is your favorite sexy time staple?

I’m obsessed with the Moon Pearl from my brand Onna, which my partner Adela and I designed. I am so blessed to have been able to create my perfect pleasure toy that fits my body like a glove and, it’s our best seller! I am a big fan of non-vibrating sex toys and the slow, sensual, deep sexual experiences that they provide. I feel more nourished when I practice full-body pleasure and take my time to enjoy every part of my body, not just my clitoris. For quick orgasms on-the-go, I love everything from the German Fun Factory sex toy brand and am currently exploring stainless steel sex toys and shibari ropes.

Elena is the creator & author of The Yoni Empire. She is a sex researcher and writer, lover of all things pleasure-related. She writes shamelessly about female sexuality and eroticism. A self-proclaimed Pussy Whisperer, Elena is the co-founder of Onna Lifestyle slow pleasure brand. She is on a mission to nourish women, one orgasm at a time—connecting heart, body, and mind.

Follow Elena at @the_yoni_empire & @onna_lifestyle.

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