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#GalGetter Tiffany Gaines of Lovability Inc.

#GalGetter is a blog series celebrating empowered SHE-E-O’S doing boss things.

1. Tell us about what inspired you to start Lovability Inc. and your journey leading to launch.

Lovability Inc. was born out of the realization that condoms can be a women’s power tool. With this philosophy we stopped and said, “Why the hell are we letting men carry the power?” We see condoms as a tool to take power over your body and future.

Be #ProudlyPrepared with Lovability condoms.

And so the mission begins — to inspire you to carry condoms and initiate use with confidence and pride. The creation of all of our products supports this mission. Our condoms are packaged to be purse-friendly (in V inspiring travel tins), and are also 100% natural and free from harmful chemicals…and BS gimmicks. We prioritize design because it’s what makes our products feel like a representation of your empowered and shameless persona. We want you to feel like Lovability products are your bang-time BFFs!

Lovability condoms featured in the WIYB launch box, Care For Your Cooch.

Since launch, Lovability’s array of products redefine sexual wellness so that it encompasses physical, emotional, and mental health. Our products inspire you to set boundaries, prioritize your pleasure, and be discerning when picking a sexual partner.

Lovability’s f*boy repellent (aka glitter body spray) featured in WIYB in December.

2. Our motto is to be informed, empowered and shameless. What is one thing you do daily that keeps you feeling confident?

We love listening to inspirational audio-books in the office packing + shipping orders! One we love is “The Universe Has Your Back” by Gabrielle Bernstein.

Lovability HQ in sunny San Diego.

Right now, I’m totally crushing on Pedro Pascal who plays Javier Peña in the show “Narcos.” Not sure if my fîance would be down for that threesome, though 😉

Uh huh honey.

4. Body positivity is such a struggle with today’s youth. What is one thing you love about your body and why?

I love my body’s autonomy. I love that I can breathe and eat and walk and talk with full independence. I’m so grateful to not be dependent on someone or something to accomplish day-to-day tasks. I learned to appreciate this when my mom was battling cancer and couldn’t function without nurses and machines. I now worship my body deeply. Whenever I feel insecure about something aesthetic, I think about how blessed I am to have my basic autonomy. If you need a reminder of how blessed you are, follow @SpecialBooksBySpecialKids on IG.

5. We’re always looking for new products, toys and tips to keep our subscribers safe and satisfied. What is your favorite sexy time staple?

I’m exploring using cannabis infused sensual oils these days! They can make your vulva hyper-sensitive and stimulated. Quim Rock makes a great one! (@Quim.Rock)

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Check out Tiffany in action. @misslovability

Follow along for daily inspiration. @lovabilityinc

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