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Let’s Get Personal


Hey there! I’m Christine – the Founder of What’s In Your Box?. I’m really excited to share with you my experiences leading up to starting this educational platform and delivery service as I’ve experienced for myself the highs and lows of having a vagina and having sex.

In middle school, I was called out for the appearance of my labia before I had the chance to form an opinion for myself, which made me self-conscious for the next 10 years. In highschool, I was slut-shamed for the decisions I chose to make with my body (oh the joys of adolescence). At ages 13 and 18, I dealt with instances of sexual assault. The first time, not being sure what to make of it and the second time, putting me at an ultimate low in self-esteem. I’ve had chronic urinary tract infections from things like not peeing after sex, washing with perfumed soaps, staying in wet bathing suits and wearing the wrong – but oh so cute! – kind of underwear (cotton panties ladies, they’re your friend). I’ve had yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, HPV and ureaplasma (yes, that’s a real thing and no, I had never heard of it either). In college, I had an emergency hospital visit due to pelvic inflammatory disease which was caused by untreated chlamydia (the rumors are true – this can happen). I experienced my first orgasm at age 20 after years of thinking I was incapable (and it was from my boyfriend’s nose, by the way). At 22, my friends encouraged me to buy a vibrator and that’s when I began masturbating and learned how to get myself off (LIFE-CHANGING).

The moral of the story – I am inspired and motivated by my own experiences. I developed What’s In Your Box? to empower women everywhere to be shameless in their journeys of self-love and discovery. If while exploring my sexuality growing up I had a trusted and relatable resource to tell me “that’s normal” or “try this” or “your worth is not determined by your number”, it would have saved me from a lot of suffering from feelings of shame. By building a brand that stands for female empowerment, sexual health awareness and body positivity, WIYB aims to be that resource for women. It’s about more than just the physical box, although it starts with the box – with your box. Having a happy and healthy vagina, a safe and satisfying sex life, and confidence in yourself will change your life. For the better. I promise.

Me in one of those wet baiting suits I mentioned. Thigh gap on fleek though.

Me in one of those wet baiting suits I mentioned. Thigh gap on fleek though.

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  2. Love that thigh gap....

    David / 2017-07-19 14:34:26

  3. Love, love, love you girl. Thankful for you and your fearlessness. So inspiring.

    Cristina / 2016-09-01 17:48:07

  4. So proud of you for sharing your story, sis! <3

    Jen / 2016-08-31 10:24:34