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What’s the Rush: Foreplay Favorites to Make You Gush

I’m calling it now—2018 is the year of BOMB foreplay. I’m talking those nights where you get eaten out so supremely that you gotta text your BFF before you even finish; those moments where you feel like you’re going to explode while your damn clothes are still on; those deliciously sexy times where actual penetration isn’t the star of the show, but everything leading up to it gets at least two standing ovations.

To get right down to it (slowly, though, and with lots of kissing and licking and talking): foreplay isn’t just magical, it’s essential, and will make your sex life loads (see what I did there?) better if you and your partner(s) make it a priority. I can appreciate a good quickie as much as the next gal, but if you’ve got the time, why rush?

As a woman who sleeps with men, one thing I experience all too often is when a guy just goes for it. You know what I’m talking about. Maybe he’s rubbed your clit a little bit with a dry finger, or nibbled on your neck for a second, but babes—let’s be clear—this isn’t foreplay that’s gush-worthy. Sure, you may both be feeling it and next thing you know the condom is on, the penis is in, and you’re going for it, but that’s sort of like diving into the entrée without having an appetizer first. In other words, a mouthful of wasted potential for something truly exquisite. Plus, women often experience dryness in their cooch even when they are turned on, which can make rushing into penetration painful and not fun.

Sex. Should. Be. FUN. And, although the run of the mill Sex Ed in school might have some people thinking otherwise, sex doesn’t begin and end with penetration (or, mind you, with male ejaculation). Our needs, wants and desires are all different, but these areas I’m about to discuss can maximize your pleasure and pay homage to the fact that your body, in the words of John Mayer, is a Wonderland.

(Free the) Nipple Play: One thing boobs all have in common is that they’re awesome. So why let your nips get overlooked during sexy time? Nipple play is an ahhmazing way to get yourself going. Not only that, studies show that some women can have NIPPLE ORGASAMS. Light nibbling, licking and gentle pinching are all ways to build anticipation and get seriously aroused (and probably wet). You can also take your nipple play up a notch with fun and tasty products like Sensuva Organics Nip Zip Nipple Balm featured before in WIYB, or Jelique Nipple Nibblers we’ve got cumming to subscribers in May! (Sign up now to #getyours)

Toys are for Playtime: A lot of people see a vibrator and think solo play, but these toys can be the perfect addition to partner play as well. Using a vibrator in front of your partner will get you both going (or, in your case, flowing), or you can have your partner use it on you. It’s also a fun and kinky opportunity to show your partner how you like it done, because every woman is unique! Some toys, like the Butterfly Kiss vibrator, are definitely ones I reserve for me, myself, and I (just because of the size, and obviously because some things are just that sacred). Smaller, more compact and portable vibes, though, are perfect for partner play in any position, like this bullet vibrator.

Make Me Purr: Petting, caressing and kissing seem like such lost art sometimes, but these things are clutch for getting in the mood. It’s easy to get lost in the more obvious places once you’re in the proverbial bed with someone, but take a moment to lead your partner to the rest of your dope-ass body. Having your back licked can be POWERFUL, same with your wrists and arms (especially between your armpit and ribcage—trust me), and most of us already know about the ear—DAMN. Add some kissable body powder to make it even more delicious. If your partner already takes their time with this, then YAS GET IT, but if not, it could be worth suggesting as a way to slow things down and make foreplay your focus. And don’t forget—this goes both ways. Just watch what you can do when you find the unexpected hotspots that make them tick (hint: it’s like being a sorcerer—it’s badass).

As of today, these are just a few of my foreplay favorites that WIYB has helped me explore. Remember to slow down and enjoy the moment you’re sharing with someone. Sex is going to feel way better when your pussy pulse is throbbing and you’re Slip-N-Slide grade wet.

Not sure what you’re into? Take time to explore your body solo to see what gets your fountain flowing. Self-exploration and self-love is key to having great sex, and let’s be real, life is too short for anything but 😉

Until next time, stay shameless.

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