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Back on the Grind | September WIYB

We get it—saying goodbye to the sweet days of summer is no easy task. But while days are getting shorter and responsibilities are ramping up, WIYB is here to remind you that you’re the babe in charge.

No matter what Fall throws at you, stay bossy and glossy with products that will help you feel your best. From elevating your personal pleasure to focusing on your health and wellness, this box is here to lift you up as you show September who’s boss (just a hint—it’s you).

Perfectly prepared.
You’ll be ready for anything that comes your way with the What’s In Your Box? Zipper Pouch. Designed exclusively for WIYB by Morgan Garleff (@morgangarleff), this eco-friendly and stylish pouch is the perfect place to keep your pleasure products and self-care essentials.

Pop that pussy.
Be about your pleasure with the Rocks Off Rosa Clit Vibe. The perfect size to carry with you anywhere, this chic and waterproof vibe will quickly become your new bff. Get comfortable and use its rounded handle to explore the 10 different powerful settings.

Just our tip – A large percentage of women only orgasm from clitoril stimulation. If that’s how you get off, don’t be afraid to introduce this toy in the bedroom—it’s a surefire way to up your orgasm game.

Love begins with L.
Treating your body right is a revolution in itself. With L. Tampons, you can feel empowered on your period (despite the cramps and bloating). They’re 100% organic and created by women who are dedicated to the rebellious notion that women everywhere deserve better. Plus, with these on hand, you’ll never be caught off guard.

Balance is key.
pH balance, that is. Yoni Love Boric Balancer is a powerful solution to vaginal itching or discomfort, making it easier for you to focus on your day-to-day activities. To use, insert a single suppository vaginally (not orally!) at bedtime. Shortly after, you should notice a watery discharge, which is completely normal and proof the pH balancer is working. Hold off on intercourse during treatment, but feel free to get busy with your new clit vibe!

Just our tip – A healthy pH balance means a healthy yoni and better sex. A few things that can throw off your pH balance are hormonal shifts, new sexual partners, and keeping those sweaty yoga pants on too long.



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