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Beat the Heat | July WIYB

Hotter days and longer nights mean Summer is in full swing. While we love it when things heat up, this month’s box is all about keeping it cool.

Whether you’re embracing uncuffing season, kicking it with your boo, or getting away on that epic girl’s trip, WIYB has you covered from head to toe and everywhere in between.

All Glowed Up.
Hydration is key to summertime sexiness and that’s why we’re thankful for Gorgeous Glow Ultra Soothing Serum. This magical product soothes wax or razor burn and prevents ingrown hairs, all while refreshing your bikini area.

Just our tip – Post-shower, massage a few drops onto your bikini area until the serum is absorbed—a little goes a long way!

Heat Wave.
With Bijoux Indiscrets Silky Sensual Handcuffs, staying in is optimal. Blast that AC and explore your kinky side with whoever is lucky enough to join you. Whether you’re cuffing your crush or your crush is cuffing you, handcuffs are the perfect accessory for sensory play.

Just our tip – Put on some music and cute lingerie before handcuffing your partner. You’ll feel sexy and they’ll love it!

Spritz Yourself.
With just one spray of Queen V Spritzer, you’ll be saying boy bye to sweaty vibes and hello to a whole new feel. This pH-balanced deodorizing rosewater spray is the quick fix you’re looking for on those hot summer days.

Just our tip – Use from head to toe! Spray two feet away from your vulva or anywhere on your body for on-the-go refreshment.

Get Wet to Cool Down.
It might be hot outside, but in the bedroom, ON ICE Arousal Gel keeps you cool and pulsating with pleasure. Essential oils and extracts create a tingling and cooling sensation perfect for foreplay or masturbating.

Just our tip – Rub a dime-size amount onto your clit before intercourse or during solo play for natural lubrication.

Cocoa Kisses.
We all know the best kind of make out sessions start with sandy bottoms and deliciously moisturized lips. Carry S.W. Basics Cocoa Lip Balm with you wherever you go to hydrate your pout naturally.


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  1. Indian girl here. We need this too! Send it across the world to us as well. There is lot to work nothing here for women to feel sexually empowered and this is so beautiful. I want!

    Paro / 2018-09-05 14:29:20