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Flirt ‘N Squirt | A Valentine’s Day Celebration

This Valentine’s Day, we’re celebrating endless love for ourselves and our bodies. No matter who you bring to bed, these products will do you better than a bouquet of roses or box of chocolates ever could.

Dirty or Sweet?
Risqué Candy Hearts are a flirty fun way to highlight your desires with their bite-size messages. Enjoy this treat solo to satisfy your sweet tooth, or use them in lieu of a kinky sex game for a playful night with your boo.

Tickle Me Pink.
Ditch the chocolate covered strawberries for Kama Sutra Honey Dust instead. This kissable body powder leaves skin silky smooth and tasting sweet, making it a #BoxApproved foreplay favorite. Use the flirty feather applicator to first tease your partner, then follow your trace with delicious kisses.

Just our tip – After a sweaty sesh, use Honey Dust as a dry shampoo or sprinkle onto the bed sheets to keep them cool and dry.

I’d Rather Lather. *founder’s pick
Uberlube is seriously my go-to lube (and I love a lot of lubes). It sits on my nightstand and I grab it anytime I want to masturbate or add some silky smoothness to partner play. There’s something really sexy about asking my boyfriend, “Will you grab the Uberlube?” My suggestion is to keep one vial bedside and one in your purse for spontaneous rendezvous. – Christine, WIYB Founder

Rock Your Socks Off.
Whether you’re riding solo or in a playful pair, Rocks Off Bullet Vibrator is the perfect companion for cuffing season. This passion-packed, discreet and waterproof vibe targets your sweet spots, making clitoral stimulation the best part of your daily regimen.

Just our tip – Focus the tapered tip on your clit and test the seven settings to see which sends you into a buzzing bliss.


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