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Getting Off to a Great Start in 2018

What better time than the start of the New Year to reset priorities and put yourself first? While setting into motion resolutions and goals, we’re here keep “me-time” and personal pleasure top of mind.

With WIYB, you’ll discover new products, toys and tips to tackle 2018 head on.

Avoid those crowded gyms in January while still getting stronger with Body & Soul Entice Kegel Balls. Perfectly weighted for your pleasure, they’re thrilling going in…and coming out. Complete with an easy retrieval cord and a luxurious design, they’re safe, sensual and will make you sWEaT.

Just our tip: Strengthening your pelvic floor muscles helps boost arousal before and during sex. For literal pussy power, kegel exercises can add more contractions to your O!

Hoo-Ha Hydration.
Dreaming of warmer days by the pool? Pulse H2Oh! Personal Lubricant is bringing aquatics to the bedroom. Water-based and made with pure chia extract, it provides a smooth sensation while moisturizing your vulva naturally. Compatible with latex and polyisoprene condoms.

Just our tip: Use by the expiration date printed on the bottom of the pod for pristine pleasure.

Shop lovemypulse.com for 10% off with code WIYB10. Offer valid through 2/28/18.

No Crampin’ Your Style.
We all know Aunt Flow can sometimes be a pain. With Comforté Period Relief Cream, you’ll find instant relief and relaxation during that time of the month. This topical cream is made from all natural ingredients, providing you with a safe and healthy alternative to pain relievers.

Just our tip: Start with a nickel-sized amount and rub it onto your cramps. Recommended areas for use are across your abdomen, lower back and boobs.

Shop comforteforpms.com for 20% off with code WIYB20. Offer valid through 2/28/18.

Vegan & Vagina Friendly.
Have good clean fun by wrapping it up with Glyde Flavored Condoms. Ultrathin, sheer and silky, they’re a tasty staple to add to your bedroom boudoir.

Shop glydeamerica.com for 10% off with code WIYB10. Offer valid through 2/28/18.

Empowered, Every Day.
Stay informed, empowered and shameless by taking a page from the books of badass women. Keep the WIYB 2018 Calendar on your bedside or desktop for a daily dose of inspiration!


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