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Witchy Woman | October WIYB

Horror movies and Halloween vibes aside, October doesn’t have to be scary. Embrace your inner sorceress strength with essentials that’ll keep you going and glowing!

With this month’s WIYB, bring your self-care routine to a spellbinding high. Whether you’re cuddling up on the couch or going out to stir up trouble, ghosts and ghouls will be no match for your enchanting energy.

Vivacious Vibes.
Set the mood for yourself with the White Sage Wand from the female-founded company, Hunt & Orchard. Use the wand to cleanse and purify your space so that you can be totally centered as you pursue celestial levels of pleasure.

Just our tip – Burn the top of the wand until it smokes, then direct the smoke around your room while you breathe in deep.

Shop huntandorchard.com for 30% off with code WIYB30

Over the Moon.
Practice cosmic self-care with Beam from Fat and the Moon. This light and silky mineral-based highlighter can be applied anywhere you want to get your glow on.

Just our tip – Use Beam to enhance your natural radiance on the nights when you’re feeling yourself and on those days when your inner light feels dim.

Shop fatandthemoon.com for 20% off with code WIYB20

Wilin’ Out.
When you’re looking for a treat in the bedroom, Uberlube is your go-to grab. Its silky smoothness is the perfect addition to partner play and solo exploration. Keep one vial bedside and one in your purse for spontaneous rendezvous.

Just our tip – Uberlube is silicone-based, so it’s safe to use with different condom types, including latex, but not silicone toys.

Safe and Sensual.
Nothing says you’ve got the power like being proudly prepared and protected. With Rouse Lubricated Condoms on hand, you won’t need any magical spells to take charge of your sexual health.

Just our tip – If you’re not someone who uses condoms, share these lovely latex rubbers with a friend who does!

Stick It to ‘Em.
Make a statement with the “Witchy Woman” custom sticker, designed exclusively for WIYB by badass Jenna Blazevich of Vichcraft (@vichcraft). Rock this sticker on your laptop, cell phone case, water bottle, or wherever you want to show some feminist love.


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